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"Fire Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

for the pleasure yacht"

Designed for Owners and Captains

Gain an understanding of this specialty service


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First book of its kind available here. Now anyone responsable for ordering these services- brokers, agents, owners, captains, maintenance companies, surveyors, service managers, safety officers and many others can have a very good basis for intelligently ordering these specialty services. There are instances where you can literally do-it-yourself and save hiring a specialist to perform routine maintenance and equipment evaluations. The subject matter is covered in a logical progressive order that will have you learning as you go through the portable extinguisher form and through the included systems reports. Having a manual providing instructions to complete the included inspection forms simplifies this process and provides the framework for expanding on the information. Included is a certificate of approval form that you will be able to complete knowing how and why the equipment meets the requirements of the USCG, NFPA, UL and the relevant "Authority Having Jurisdiction". This book is 100 pages of valuable information that explains what is required and what the service provider does to perform a routine annual equipment maintenance evaluation. It also provides diagrams of typical system schematics in color coded detail showing the various options available and what those devices do. You will understand the configuration of your system, what it takes to function test or verify its function, identify service requirements, and intelligently order those services. It is your right!


"Maintaining your own equipment is your responsability. Intelligently ordering these services is your right. Maintaining a high level of awareness with regard to safety is your duty as a member of the marine community, and the operator of a pleasure yacht"



Here's six pages to see a small sample from throughout the book- there is much, much more!

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Don't let the title fool you- there is alot of information that applies to all types of vessels too!

The advantages of electronic books in .pdf format

If you are not familiar with Adobe pdf files you should be. Included above is a link to six sample pages from the book to see if this will work for you. It does require the free Adobe Reader that you can download right now. Most websites that have several pages of information or long articles make them available in pdf format. It is the best way to distribute documents electronically and preserve their exact layout and look. It is not html- the language of web pages that is subject to interpretation by various browsers. Pdf is portable document format that assures what you will see is what was intended. The forms included with this book are printable and will appear exactly as they were composed as 8.5 by 11 inch standard typing paper sized forms.

The Adobe reader is also excellent for navigating through pages, photos, paragraphs and every detail. You can alter the magnification (up to 1600%!) and jump instantly from a line on a form, for example, right to the answer in the text and back to the form. Once you get use to it you quickly become a fan of the electronic version and the thought of flipping pages seems a little old-fashioned! Another advantage is that the links pages included are "live", when online you can click on a link for regulations or a manufacturer and go right to the website. The entire book can be installed in a notebook computer for looking things up "in the field". It is truely "portable".

Here in Ft. Lauderdale my local printing service company (Kinkos) charges .60 (sixty cents) each for printing color pages. That would make this book $60.00 to produce, not including binding. Digital distribution is a good way to hold down the cost. You can print your own paper version if you have a color printer, all of the pages are printable, not just the included forms. There are many color photos and color coded diagrams that wouldn't look as good printed in only black and white.

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