How do I get you to check my fire equipment?

Based in the "Venice of the Americas", we are able to perform routine equipment evaluations throughout the South Florida region. If your vessel is located between Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo and Stuart, Florida you can call our office at 954-868-2049 and we will schedule an appointment.

We have also put together a book available on CD that can be of some help if you find you are out of the area (or country!) when an annual maintenance becomes due or after a recharge or service in a foreign port or even as part of a buyers survey, you can use the information in the book to evaluate the equipment yourself. It is not to be a substitute for any required inspections but there are many instances where you can literally do-it-yourself and assure that the equipment is in good condition between inspections. The book does include several forms that, when properly completed, might be satisfactory for the relevant authority. It will certainly make it easier for you to evaluate your own service requirements so you can intelligently order those services. It does take the mystery out of this specialty service. You have a right to know what you're paying for. This book gives you that insight. Call the office to find out more on getting the book (CD disc) mailed to you .

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